Your passion serves as the theme for your passion fundraising event. The first step in creating your own passion fundraising event is to determine what you are passionate about -- events come in all shapes, sizes and themes!


View the passion fundraising themes below and select the theme that best suits your passion.


Celebration: The celebration event theme showcases excitement, fun and is appropriate for any casual party. Examples of a celebration event are a backyard barbeque, birthday party or a Super Bowl party. Event organizers can sell tickets, collect donations and enlist sponsorships for their celebration event.


Fun-Raiser: The fun-raiser event theme provides a platform for any creative fundraising event that is truly extraordinary and different. Examples of a fun-raiser are scrap book events, cook-offs or a scavenger hunt. Event organizers can sell tickets, create an event registration and solicit donations and sponsors for their fun-raiser.


Entertainment: The entertainment theme illustrates a fundraiser rooted in performance. Whether the performance is a battle of the bands, a comedy show or a dance competition, the entertainment theme is sure to get an audience excited to raise funds for CF. Event organizers can sell tickets, create an event registration and solicit donations and sponsors for their entertainment event. 


Fun Run: The fun run theme is for an athletic event. Organize a 5K or relay race or even a walkathon at school or church in your community. Take your fundraising to the road! Create event registrations, solicit donations and sponsors for a fun run event.


Jeans For Genes: Hosting a “Jeans for Genes” is a fun and easy way to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at a workplace. Ask employees to make a pre-determined contribution (e.g. $5) to the Jeans for Genes event for the privilege of wearing jeans to the office on specific days. If your work environment is already casual, get creative and consider a jersey or costume day. Create a competition to see which department or branch can get the most participants.


Night Out: The night out theme is all about glitz and glam and is perfect for formal affair. Whether you organize a wine tasting or a black tie dinner at your home, the night out theme will add a sophisticated touch to your event. Event organizers can sell tickets, create an event registration and solicit donations and sponsors for their night out event. 


Recreation: The recreation theme encompasses everything sports, outdoors, amusement and fun! The sky is the limit with recreation events; consider holding a competition of your favorite sporting event, your very own Olympic event or even a car show.


Birthday Celebration Event: Celebrate your birthday by asking friends to donate in lieu of traditional gifts.


Bowling: The bowling page theme is for volunteers who want to strike out CF! Set up a bowling event to get your friends, family and community involved in a fun way. Sell tickets and sponsorship, and collect shoe size and lane preference all through the Passion Fundraising website!

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